When I was ten, I wanted to be eleven. Sitting in junior high I just couldn’t wait for high school Once there, right away the rushing began; I was itching to leave Today standing tall, looking over and realizing, I wished too soon for it all to be done, And now it was. A pity.

The Joyous Thief (poem)

There’s a thief in my life. It steals something precious, and yet I don’t even notice, I even help it rob. I’m consumed by this thief, my fancy pacemaker, controlling me so I ask “How can I live without you?” It’s hard to say no to something so pleasing, distracting me with sweets while silently … Continue reading The Joyous Thief (poem)

Multiple Choice (a poem)

A great art has been lost,  before it ever truly began. So needed, so wanted, yet still destroyed. I wonder  Where have the thinkers gone? Those curious innovators? They must’ve disappeared, forced to hide, to escape! When faced with the fear of a little wooden desk. They didn’t belong in a place where their vivid … Continue reading Multiple Choice (a poem)