The Joyous Thief (poem)

There’s a thief in my life.
It steals something precious,
and yet I don’t even notice,
I even help it rob.

I’m consumed by this thief,
my fancy pacemaker, controlling me so I ask
“How can I live without you?”

It’s hard to say no
to something so pleasing,
distracting me with sweets
while silently robbing me.

We’re more connected than ever,
yet we struggle alone
against an addiction of our volition.

Oh, to live a day
Allowed to rediscover ourselves.

How freeing it’d be
to remember how it felt
to be untethered,
no longer enslaved
to my metal master.

If only the thief
could give back
what it's taken.


Our screens light up
as our lives get dimmer
and we start to forget
the value of our limited time,
of our lives.

Multiple Choice (a poem)

A great art has been lost, 
before it ever truly began.
So needed, so wanted, yet still

I wonder 
Where have the thinkers gone?
Those curious innovators?

They must’ve disappeared,
forced to hide, to escape!
When faced with the fear of a
little wooden desk.

They didn’t belong in a place
where their vivid flame
that burned within 
would be extinguished 
by those who meant well.

In its place, a pulsing drum placed,
beating furiously to a beat of
A B C or D?

I long for them, 
mourn those
secrets left undiscovered,
the joy that accompanied; forgotten.

Like sheep killed by their shepherd,
a tragedy for the ages
as children become students.

But do not worry!
For the exam next week
is passed, flying colors
with small price to pay:
a fail on another.

The forgotten exam,
the one not written sitting in rows.
the one proctored not by a teacher
but by life.

I think to myself,
must be easy, for I’m prepared!
Those years of memorizing, the sleepless nights.
Except when I open the booklet,
a startling revelation!
I panic. There’s no 
A B C or D.

Post Note:

I nervously share one of the poems with world, unsure about it. When I try to compose poetry, I simply go with the rhythm of the words, go where they choose to take me. Maybe this is an effective approach, maybe not, time will tell. I’m very new to this, I’d love some feedback too.

The poem is more a reflection on education as a whole in society then my own personal experience, because my whole life I have been blessed with exceptional teachers who have cultivated my passions and stoked the embers of my curiosity. All great shepherds. No complaints from me, except that not every kid is privy to the same nurturing environments and education that I have received, and it is for those kids that this poem goes out to.