The Joyous Thief (poem)

There’s a thief in my life.
It steals something precious,
and yet I don’t even notice,
I even help it rob.

I’m consumed by this thief,
my fancy pacemaker, controlling me so I ask
“How can I live without you?”

It’s hard to say no
to something so pleasing,
distracting me with sweets
while silently robbing me.

We’re more connected than ever,
yet we struggle alone
against an addiction of our volition.

Oh, to live a day
Allowed to rediscover ourselves.

How freeing it’d be
to remember how it felt
to be untethered,
no longer enslaved
to my metal master.

If only the thief
could give back
what it's taken.


Our screens light up
as our lives get dimmer
and we start to forget
the value of our limited time,
of our lives.

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