The Birth of Something New

Here begins my blogging journey. They say journaling is therapeutic to the soul, so we’ll see. Maybe there is merit in writing to nobody in particular, creating something that will—chances are—never be read by anyone but me. I wish to pursue those thoughts that keep me up at night, to question why things are the way they are, or how we so readily accept the status quo of existence? I like to think of myself as a baby philosopher, just beginning in the journey of thinking, offering a unique perspective through the lens of someone whose life has really only just begun. As I navigate my way through the trepid waters of maturation into adulthood, my only hope is that I never lose this awe inducing fascination with the world that surrounds us. Because it is what gives me life.

Our approach to life is funny. It’s this beautiful, yet fickle concept, something that one must slow down to appreciate. But ironically from our first breathe to our last, slowing down becomes an unattainable commodity, as we race to a finish line that will never get closer. Some call it the rat race of life, others accept it as reality. So then, the question becomes, where are we racing to?

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